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What is an Overlay?

Page interruptions that open automatically when you enter a website or leave a website. These aren't blocked by your browser because they're not really a popup. For example, that "subscribe to our newsletter" message you see when you visit a blog.

Chrome Browser Overlay example

Browsers can't block

Overlays are a part of the webpage like any other. Some websites use overlays to show good content, so browsers don't block these popups. Combine with uBlock for the ultimate ad and spam protection.

How does it work?

Auto-magically. That's how. We detect good overlays and ignore them, while blocking bad overlays. We're always fine-tuning this balance and publish free updates regularly.

What about good popups?

We understand not every overlay is annoying and some contain useful information. Whitelist sites you like or Report a Site in one-click to our development team to check.

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Stop Overlay Pop Up

Stop Annoyances Forever.

Instantly stops webpages from interrupting your browsing. No more email newsletter popups, special offers, or interruptions while you read articles, browse websites, or shop. We monitor website behavior for abusive actions, and prevent most unwanted in-page popups.

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Block all sorts of interruptions

Works automatically on countless websites.

Allow Good Popups

Choose to allow an overlay to show once or always on any website

Sometimes you want to see overlays that appear. We make it easy. If an overlay is automatically blocked, you'll have a few seconds you can allow it to show or whitelist the website at any time to see all popups on that website forevermore.

Keep Track of Your Whitelist

Report site errors. Manage your whitelist. We release new updates seemlessly, so your overlay blocker is always updated.

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Manage Whitelist

Make overlays and exit pop up ads disappear auto-magically. It's AMAZING!

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Email Subscription Form

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